A Childhood Cancer Survivor Blogging about the World of Childhood Cancer

Many children who are treated for cancer are treated at Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. Cottage Children’s Hospital, where I was treated, is a Children’s Miracle Network hospital. When CMN raises funds, money collected goes directly to your local children’s hospital. Can you imagine the specialized medical equipment that it takes to treat children? Imagine how much that equipment costs.

I am blessed to have had an incredible children’s hospital save my life. Without Cottage Children’s Hospital, I would have had to travel three hours north to Stanford, or three hours south to Los Angeles. The doctors, nurses, and the entire staff  at Cottage Hospital were outstanding.

This Saturday, I have the opportunity to tell others about what Cottage Hospital did for me. Coast Hills Foundation is having a fundraiser for the Children’s Miracle Network and Cottage Children’s Hospital, and I will speak about how Cottage Hospital really did give me a “miracle.”


When you support your local children’s hospital, you are helping children who will be diagnosed and treated for cancer as well as children with other serious health problems. This is one opportunity to broaden the scope of your help even beyond childhood cancer.

To find your local Children’s Miracle Network hospital:


I love my Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, and I love all  of those people who saved my life at Cottage Hospital even more!!!!!!!!

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