A Childhood Cancer Survivor Blogging about the World of Childhood Cancer

As of today, there are over 10,000 “likes” on the newly created Facebook  page asking Oprah to do a show on childhood cancer.


If you would, please “like” the page as well. Please take a moment to browse the stories of some incredibly brave children. There are also links on the page to organizations who offer help for pediatric cancer research. St. Baldrick’s Foundation is the world’s largest volunteer-driven fundraising program for childhood cancer research. I understand that there will be some moms appearing on Stand up to Cancer tonight who shaved their heads to raise money for St. Baldricks’s and childhood cancer research.

Why all this talk about raising awareness and research? Because a cure is within our reach. If a cure is within our reach, we need to start reaching now– and stretch as far as we possibly can! Let’s grab the cure and save children’s lives!

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