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Children for LIVESTRONG

I am having the best time making all of the arrangements for LIVESTRONG Day this Saturday, October 2nd. There are lots of people who have joined in to help make this a great time for a great cause. Mr. Hubbell, my high school counselor and Key Club advisor has been very supportive and Mr. Clavery (teaches Ceramics) surprised me today by calling me to his classroom and giving me some of his beautiful art for our drawing. How very, very caring!

It’s fascinating to me to discover how people react when asked to help with something like this. Most people are eager and willing. Dolphin Bay Resort donated Brunch for Two at their award-winning Lido Restaurant. And my very, very, very (how many “verys” can you deal with???????) bread comes from a place called House of Bread in San Luis Obispo. They make the BEST bread anywhere! My very favorite is Garden Herb, unless I am making French Toast, and then it is Oatmeal Applesauce. Anyway, I am so excited about their bread that I am traveling off-track! House of Bread is donating…. (drumroll please) … cinnamon rolls. Yes, their” Too Good to be Described with Words” cinnamon rolls. (Anyone out there packing their suitcase for San Luis Obispo on Saturday?)

Meghan is heading up the bake sale and Becca is going to be our emcee who will also “grace” us with singing and drama. Mom’s friend from high school, Cindy Meyers, is kindly and generously going to share her musical talents.

Does Grace really release on Friday???????????????????

Is this what an about-to-give-birth woman feels like?????????????

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