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Who will be our Danny Thomas?

My mom posted something on the Oprah! Please Do a Show on Childhood Cancer Facebook page, and I want to share it with you. She feels like I do– we need to help the children who are still suffering and the children who will one day hear, “You have cancer.” Most of all, we need to make it possible for those brilliant researchers to have everything they need at their disposal so they can proceed rapidly toward discovering a cure. If you are a cancer researcher, this great big hug is for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Melinda’s mom:

Where is our Danny Thomas?

As the month of September rolls to a finish, my heart aches more with each day that passes. Although 27,666 people have “Liked” this page and joined together to raise our voices, our desperate pleas to the media for National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month coverage have gone virtually unanswered. (Thank you WDAF Fox4kc.com!) Our media feeds us a daily barrage of celebrities behaving badly, but just one—one– television station in our nation responded to us with compassion and care???? This is why we need our Danny Thomas! Danny’s huge heart for children and his ability to inspire others with his integrity and compassion led many to follow his footsteps in support.

Oprah, what we are asking is, “Will you be our Danny Thomas?”

To other influential celebrities who may be listening, “Will you be our Danny Thomas?”

We need as many Danny Thomas’ as we can get! My arms are reaching to heaven right now with a great big hug for Danny! Please, someone, someone come forward to help. Our children need you.

… written as only a mother could write.

And I ask, “Who will be our Danny Thomas?”

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