A Childhood Cancer Survivor Blogging about the World of Childhood Cancer

Here it is, the final day of September. What a blessing this has been for me to share with you during National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and also to learn more about it myself. One thing I just learned yesterday while reading the stories parents have posted about their children on the Oprah Please Do A Show on Childhood Cancer Facebook page, is that a baby can be born with cancer. I never knew that, did you???????? Another thing I learned is one of the warning signs of childhood cancer. A mom posted a photo of her child before he was diagnosed with cancer and one of his eyes showed a big white spot. She never knew this was a sign.

Imagine if we raised awareness of childhood cancer even one “rung on the ladder.” How many children’s lives can we save by helping adults become aware of symptoms? How much earlier will it be possible for a child to receive a diagnosis? Can we really catch childhood cancer in earlier stages– saving many lives???????????

I say, “Yes!”

If you really want to learn the truth about childhood cancer, “Like” the Facebook page and read the stories.


Each one is unique, yet each story is similar because a child is suffering. One thing that strikes me is how many foundations have been born from a family’s grief over losing their child to cancer. This is such a momentous event in their lives that they need to make a difference for other families who must follow their path. What an unbelievable act of goodness and kindness!

Alexa would have turned eight years old this month. Her mom, Joann Nawrocki, turned the loss of her beautiful two year-old daughter, Alexa, into Alexa’s Foundation. Guess what Alexa just did for the teens at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia? She bought them laptops so they can keep up with their schoolwork while they are in the hospital! And guess what Alexa bought for the younger kids at CHOP? A Slurpee Machine!

I am sooooooooooooooooo excited about the Children for LIVESTRONG event on Saturday! What great support I am receiving from teachers at school! My mom and I met Megan today, the manager of the Jamba Juice where the event will take place and she is excited too. They will have Blender Bikes for people to ride and blend their own smoothies! Now really, is that cool or what?

Get it? Blender Bikes– bikes– LIVESTRONG–Lance– I love it!

I’m ready to hop on my Blender Bike and whip myself up a Peach Perfection Jamba Juice:)


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