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I’ve decided I need a Twitter Manual. I thought that the whole point of Twitter was to send tweets; I had no idea that there are “Rules” for Twitter. My problem is, I don’t know where those Twitter Rules are written. There needs to be a Twitter Manual.

I know someone who had her account shut down– no, actually two people who have had their accounts shut down– because they were tweeting and retweeting too much (spreading awareness of childhood cancer.) When they tried to tweet, all they saw on the screen was the big blue Fail Whale. Then, to top it off, they had to undergo the sticky mess of “explaining themselves” to the Twitter Police before they could get their accounts active again. Seems like the First Amendment should cover this whole Twitter dilemma, and we should just let the tweets fly without limit to content or numbers. I don’t get it! Doesn’t Twitter want us to tweet?????????????

I will leave this terribly confusing subject to tell you about a highly disturbing subject (nice change, huh?) Can you believe the story in this article about a teen being bullied for being a cancer survivor??????????????


When I see this, it makes my blood temperature rise. We need awareness. If those teens knew what Michelle and other cancer patients face, and what they conquer, they wouldn’t be so mean. In fact, I believe if teens really knew exactly what their peers with cancer go through, we would have a nation of  childhood cancer advocates in the making.

Yep… that is what I believe.

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  1. Unfortunately, I can believe it, based on myself being bullied because of my diseases (I’m actually scratching my head wondering if you really haven’t been bullied, or if I just missed it) and all the stories I’ve heard of others being bullied because of such things. It’s horrible. I think some of it is that it’s scary to see a peer sick, or know that they were. That means that they could be, too. They would rather be ignorant than know the statistics and help prevent it from happening to themselves. Some of it is just you regular bullies looking for any opportunity to make fun of someone. Bullies look for what’s going to hurt, and they know that that’s going to hurt.

    As for Twitter, I really don’t know the limits. I do know that I’ve had a little thing come up telling me I’m over that limit and should try again later a few times, but otherwise I don’t know. I usually go over when I’m tweeting about causes (usually one of the diseases affecting me or childhood cancer), too. Now I’m a little nervous about getting shut down! You’re right, there should be a manual!

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