A Childhood Cancer Survivor Blogging about the World of Childhood Cancer

I will leave my current Twitter theme to let you know that the Oprah Please Do A Show On Childhood Cancer Facebook page is growing rapidly. If you visit the page tonight (And Please “Like” if you have not already 🙂 ) http://bit.ly/br6Mrg you will find great excitement about a news story that has “gone viral.” A story that aired in Kansas City with the founder of the page and her inspirations, girlfriend Deliece and her son, Braden (who are both fighting cancer,) is being aired in cities across the country tonight! This is awesome, awesome, awesome!

Okay, I see you shaking your heads and wondering… why Oprah? Why “awareness”?

What if just one parent learns to ask for a second opinion? What if just one teen realizes they need to speak up and tell someone they trust that they don’t feel well? What if one child with cancer sees the show and knows deep inside that there are people who care and there are people who are working to make things better for children with cancer?

What if viewers realize for the very first time that there is a Monster attacking our children?

What if a viewer who has lots and lots of $$$$$$$$$$$ they couldn’t possibly spend sees the show and decides to “fully fund” pediatric cancer research? (oooooooooo I love this one!)

Childhood Cancer

 We tell children that there are no such thing as “monsters,” but the truth is there is a monster that attacks from within and destroys in horrific ways.

The monster’s name is Cancer.

I’m out to get it.

Oprah Please… Pretty Please?

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