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My Buddy Soozie

Over the past year, I have had the invaluable opportunity to meet people I never would have had the chance to meet if I had not set out on  a book production mission. For me, one of the best things about meeting new people is how pieces of them stay with you. I truly believe that when we meet someone who touches our heart, we keep a “piece” of that person within us forever. I find it fascinating that in a very short time– even just a day– meeting someone special can be so uplifting that it never leaves you.

One of these people is Soozie. When we first met online a couple of months ago, I called her by her “official name,” Susan. As our communications have grown, and my love for her has grown, I now call her Soozie. Guess that means she can now start calling me “Quaily”!!!! Well, Soozie and Quaily have become friends even though the Atlantic Ocean separates the countries we live in. What a gift humans have in this day that we can communicate with people far, far from where we live, and not only communicate, but grow to truly care for one another.

I am thinking of Soozie today. Thinking of her battling the cancer beast… thinking of her wrapped in warm, soft blankets, thinking of puffy, fuzzy socks to warm her tootsies, thinking of this love in my heart for her. Time to send it all off to my buddy.

My buddy Soozie:)

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