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Let There Be Grace

Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

Do you ever have days where your emotions are mixed with joy, sadness, and every kind of emotion in between?  I can’t help the tears in my eyes right now, or the way they billow and bulge until they plop onto the desk in front of me.  I heard yesterday what I have been hoping is not.  I heard my friend Soozie is near the end of her life.

Soozie is not a child.

Soozie is young—way too young to leave this world, to bring her brilliant spirit with her.  Although I have only known her a year and we have never met face to face, I know Soozie will be a part of who I am for the rest of my life—whether she is here, or with our Father in Heaven. 

I first met Soozie when she sent me a very polite FaceBook message saying that her loving brother, Si, had bought her my book.  I believe Si was the very first person in his country to buy it! Soozie, or Susan at the time, told me about how her brother is her caretaker as she is fighting cancer. Ever since, I have delighted in her messages.  Every time I don’t hear from Soozie for awhile, I know she must be fighting.

After a long pause in her messages this past spring, Soozie sent me news I will treasure and truly cherish for the rest of my life. Do you know what Soozie did? Soozie loves horses, and she named her horse’s newborn miracle Grace!

This is Grace! Thank you Soozie.

Usually, I write about childhood cancer. Today is different.

Today I give thanks for life and for a friendship I will always have inside me– in this life and the next.

I love you Si.

I love you Soozie.

Thank you for helping me learn about Grace.

My Buddy Soozie

Over the past year, I have had the invaluable opportunity to meet people I never would have had the chance to meet if I had not set out on  a book production mission. For me, one of the best things about meeting new people is how pieces of them stay with you. I truly believe that when we meet someone who touches our heart, we keep a “piece” of that person within us forever. I find it fascinating that in a very short time– even just a day– meeting someone special can be so uplifting that it never leaves you.

One of these people is Soozie. When we first met online a couple of months ago, I called her by her “official name,” Susan. As our communications have grown, and my love for her has grown, I now call her Soozie. Guess that means she can now start calling me “Quaily”!!!! Well, Soozie and Quaily have become friends even though the Atlantic Ocean separates the countries we live in. What a gift humans have in this day that we can communicate with people far, far from where we live, and not only communicate, but grow to truly care for one another.

I am thinking of Soozie today. Thinking of her battling the cancer beast… thinking of her wrapped in warm, soft blankets, thinking of puffy, fuzzy socks to warm her tootsies, thinking of this love in my heart for her. Time to send it all off to my buddy.

My buddy Soozie:)

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