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Messengers From God

Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

If we have nothing to give, what have we got?


My letters to Oprah have ended, but the floodgates inside me have opened. I know this is just the beginning of the feelings that have begun gushing out. Even after writing all of those letters, I feel that I have just started to say everything that people need to know about childhood cancer. Most of all, I want people to feel what I am writing.

I have no doubt there are those who are thinking, “Melinda, Melinda, chill out, will ya???? Why the heck don’t you just take a chill-pill and stick to dancing?”

If you knew the children, you would do exactly what I am doing.

If you knew the children, you would be so fired up to help them that elephants couldn’t hold you back.

If you knew even one of these cancer-fighting-warrior-children, you would know instantly the purity of their beings. You would know that their suffering must be for some greater purpose.

Could that greater purpose be to make us kinder, gentler, more compassionate humans?

What greater expression of kindness and compassion can there be for these little ones, than finding a cure that will end their suffering?

I have no doubt these children are Messengers of God.

"Messenger" Kristy Meeks

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