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Who Raised Their Hands?

Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

Yes, the Floodgates have seriously opened, with thoughts, ideas, and plans riding the rapids while I attempt to find a rudder to control my path. With opportunities opening before me to be able to help children with cancer, I search for the path that will bring a cure. The “Messengers of God” I spoke of yesterday are depending on each of us; their families desperately need our help.

Since the causes of childhood cancers are largely unknown, people speculate as to what the causes could be. Some people blame the environment, some blame genetics, and some people blame God.

They shake their heads and say, “Why does God give children cancer?”

My mom has the best answer for this question that I have ever heard.

This is what she believes, and she will tell anyone who asks!

God does not give children cancer. God heals. She imagines God gathering His children before He sends them to Earth. He explains that He needs some volunteers for a mission. He also explains that these volunteers will have to endure great suffering for His Kingdom, but that they will be a light in the darkness of this World. They will lead great numbers into the light.

Guess who raised their hands?

The “Messengers” did.

God’s Messengers keep inspiring me. I hate that they raised their hands, because of all the pain they endure. I love their selflessness in expressing their love for God and humanity.

I love God’s Messengers.

Messenger Reefie and his Grampa

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