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Truth And Accountability

Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

Today, all day long, I have been thinking of Mr. Nunn. Today is Mr. Nunn’s birthday. Today is not a happy day for him, like all birthdays should be. You see, Mr. Nunn’s birthday is here… but his son Max is not.

Rather than attempt to repeat Mr. Nunn’s eloquent words, I will give you a link.


I imagine if each parent in our country could feel in their heart what Mr. Nunn is feeling today, we would fund research for childhood cancer in an instant.

In an Instant.

Somewhere, as human beings who inhabit this Earth, we seem to have lost sight of the pure, innocent, and needy. We will spend hours in front of the tube watching “reality” shows of people behaving badly, but for some reason, the media steers a clear path around the subject of childhood cancer. Our minds get clogged. Our hearts get clogged. When everything gets clogged, life becomes meaningless.

Sometimes it’s easier to get lost in the World of Meaninglessness than it is to look at truth. If we stare truth in the face, it means we need to be accountable.

Here’s to Truth and Accountability

Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

Please be a support to Crista… Thank you for passing this on: “I know you know many survivors…can everyone on your facebook please send a message of hope & encouragement to Crista Ortiz. Shes my friend & battling Hodkins cancer spread to her lungs. We need cards and messages sent to CristaOrtiz@gmail.com Please, the parents are asking everyone for help. Please post this on your wall if you’d like. She’s 15 yrs. old and going through the most severe chemo treatments for the next 2 weeks. Prayers are needed and please send a note. Especially young adult survivors!!!” Crista Ortiz 12122 Ramla Place Trail Houston, TX 77089

Thinking of Mr. Nunn and his son Max today

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