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Thank you Dr. Anna Meadows

Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

Rolling along on the same subject of survivorship, I want to tell you about Dr. Anna Meadows. In 1962, at the age of 31, she wrote to the dean of Harvard and told him of her desire to become a doctor. The response she received was to stay home with her three children. Fortunately, for many childhood cancer survivors, Dr. Meadows did not take this advice. She achieved her dream.


Dr. Meadows will be honored at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for her 38 years of distinguished service and contributions to the world of childhood cancer. She is fondly known as the “matriarch of childhood cancer survivorship.” I hope she has inspired many others to follow her lead in recognizing the importance of studying and lessening late effects from childhood cancer treatments.

And now, a personal story about Dr. Meadows. A year ago, I was doing a lot of research about childhood cancer. From all of this research, I chose people and organizations that I wanted to ask to look at my book for a possible endorsement. Well, when I found Dr. Meadows and saw all that she has done—she really stood out! My mom picked up the phone and called her.

Guess who answered?

Dr. Anna Meadows herself.

What a lovely woman she is! Her schedule did not allow her time to take a look at my book, but my mom truly enjoyed her conversation with Dr. Meadows. This is going to sound really weird, but I will admit I was truly happy she didn’t have time.

This meant she was taking care of the children!

Thank you Dr. Meadows… is there some way we might clone you before you retire?


*Jade’s surgery went well. Thank you for your prayers…

Jade Waiting for Surgery

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Comments on: "Thank you Dr. Anna Meadows" (2)

  1. Maryjane Jones said:

    i would just like to say DR.Anna Meadows was also my Doc at Chop when i was found to b born with Wilms Kidney Tumor.i am now 50 yrs old.i never had the chance to say Thankyou Dr.Meadows and Chop.

  2. What a great message, Maryjane. I am happy to hear of your survival and happy to hear how Dr. Meadows helped you. Maybe Dr. Meadows will see this. She impresses me as someone who cares deeply for her patients. I sincerely hope she is enjoying her retirement and that all of the joy she has brought to many patients and families comes straight back to her. Thank you for your bright light in my day today:) Wishing you blessings, fellow survivor. … and thank you Dr. Meadows!

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