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May God Bless Onc-Moms

Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

Today, I am thinking today of all of the moms of children fighting cancer. Somehow, these moms manage to become Superheroes while they prepare for battle against the Monster that is childhood cancer. In a time where most people would emotionally fall apart, these moms find super-human strength in their bodies and spirits. They want to take the disease themselves; they want to protect their child at any cost.


When they are tired, they push on. When they are lost and broken, they find the strength to show their child the love in their heart. When they cannot utter a word, they smile to let you know everything will be okay. When their child is helpless, hopeless, and hurting, they snuggle up next to them and hold them like they will never let them go.

Dear God,

I pray for your great blessing on mothers who have helped their children with cancer. Lord, I pray for your tremendous love and power to enter their hearts to help them with all they have to process and all they have to accomplish. I pray you will give them hope, clarity, peace and strength. Please give them wisdom to recognize the needs of their children and help them to know that the job they are doing is a direct calling from you.

Finally, I ask you to bless my mom for all she has done for me. Please bless her on this day–her birthday–and always.

I pray this with deep gratitude,


The news from Savannah’s CT are not good… please pray for Savannah.



Please pray for Savannah

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