A Childhood Cancer Survivor Blogging about the World of Childhood Cancer

Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

This is a day of international significance. This is International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day. Each year, 250,000 children in our world get cancer. 100,000 of these children die because they live in developing countries where they have no access to health care that could diagnose and treat their cancer. When I think of this, it brings me to my knees with gratitude that my life has been saved with treatment. It also illuminates the truth about just how huge the Childhood Cancer Monster is… if childhood cancer is as overlooked and underfunded throughout the world, as it is here in our country, we truly have a global health crisis.


Can you imagine? No treatment.

I have written a lot about how critical it is that we fund research for less toxic treatments for childhood cancer—but no treatment—this breaks my heart.

When children and their families enter the World of Childhood Cancer, it is time for full battle mode and they need every bit of medical and emotional support they can get. I will borrow the status of one of my Facebook friends to illustrate this point:

Mindi BaldmomsRock Finch

“A diagnosis of Childhood Cancer should come with a pair of boxing gloves and a punching bag. I’d consider it billable to insurance under Mental Health.”

(Thank you Mindi for this spot-on description!)

As childhood cancer advocates work diligently in our country to help fill the enormous needs required to wage war against the Childhood Cancer Monster, I need to wonder…

Could it be possible that we might broaden our sphere of awareness raising and research fundraising that we might include the entire world?

Let’s do it. Let’s press that Great Zoom Out Button of life.

Cole Chunn Melting Hearts

I received a wonderful message from Cole’s mom, Michelle:


“Melinda I will be attending 2 relay for life events where my son will be honored. I have asked my friends to send me one of the bracelets honoring their child for me to wear. I have received some response but you have many cancer family friends on here. I want to get so many that I can barely fit them on my arms. I want to make a huge statement!!! I plan to seek out the media but I want them to be shocked!!! Our kids need the exposure. Maybe you could mention this and get more people involved please. thanks Michelle they can send me a message and I will send my address.”

Thank you for helping Michelle and Cole in their mission:)




Comments on: "The Great Zoom Out Button of Life" (3)

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  2. Prayers for Cole…

    • 1ballerina said:

      Thank you John for sharing your loving creation for Cole and his family. It really does reach straight into our hearts. My prayers are for Cole and his family for healing and strength.
      My prayers of gratitude and blessings go to this man named John Gavin who has chosen the task of creating priceless videos to bless families whose child is suffering through cancer. You have found a deeply appreciated calling.
      May all of the blessings you have bestowed upon all of the families beaten down by childhood cancer come back to you in exponentially multiplied form!
      Hugs John:):):)

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