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Life is Tender

Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

There are days in life where there is nothing I can think of but life. Today is one of those days. Maybe it was the news today that Tulsa’s Wilson Holloway passed away from Hodgkin lymphoma. Maybe it’s because I have been thinking of Breanna’s family all week-long and about her memorial service coming up this Saturday. Maybe it’s all of this combined with rain that has settled me into a reflective mode.

Maybe it’s because life is tender.

Yes. It is because life is tender.

Tenderness is something I love in life.

I find tenderness when someone looks at me with love in their eyes and tenderness in the soft voice of a friend. I love the tenderness of warm hugs and the tenderness of genuine smiles.

When I look at the photographed faces and into the hearts and spirits of the childhood cancer warriors I have posted, I see tenderness like no other tenderness here on Earth. There is a peace– a calming gentleness– that comes straight from their souls to fill mine. How they are able to mask the pain, the fear, and the helplessness with their angelic expressions is a miracle in itself.

I can’t help but believe that these little warriors already have the life wisdom to see life through the Great Zoom Out Button. They use this perspective to bring joy and meaning to those around them who can only sit back and shake their heads in amazement. They teach us that life is way too short to bicker, quarrel, or be nasty in any way.

They teach us we have a heart for a purpose.

Please be tender… just as our dearly loved warriors are teaching us by their example.

Please pray for Anais Medina

Facebook/Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

Comments on: "Life is Tender" (2)

  1. Melinda, this is beautiful !

    • 1ballerina said:

      Thank you… you just shared tenderness with me:):):)

      Gosh tenderness feels great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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