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Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer And Recovery

“Yes, cancer is a roller coaster, and it seems that when you’re not at the highest or the lowest point, you’re in rapid transit either up or down.


I’m still waiting for my life to “even out,” but frankly, I’m not sure it ever will.”

Copyright: Grace

My life “Roller Coaster” is still in full swing… and I find myself hanging on. The Swing for a Cure event this past weekend in San Francisco was terrific. The UCSF Academy of Art was dressed in gold jerseys with gold ribbons on the back, and they raised money for University of San Francisco Children’s Hospital. The field was located in a beautiful, green valley, and the day was much warmer than the usual chilly, blustery San Francisco days.

Before the game began, I shared the honor of throwing out the first pitch with Sy—the 8 year-old boy I told you about. I was thankful he was able to come as he had finished his first round of chemo just a couple of days before. I understand Sy has a very tough battle ahead of him, so I will continue to ask for your prayer support. His Aunt Rachel, the awesome softball coach, has formed the group Sy’s Storm Troopers to walk in the San Francisco CureSearch Walk on May 14th. If you live in the Bay Area… please consider joining with Sy to raise money for pediatric cancer research.

Just in case you are wondering if I threw out the ball with complete “softball form,” I will stop that wondering right now. Since I grew up with two brothers who played baseball—in a family who loves baseball—I wound up and announced I would be throwing it “baseball style.”

It was a strike =)

When the double-header ended, Mom and I aimed toward Sacramento where we spent the night with my brother, Nicholas. Can I please interrupt my childhood cancer awareness- raising to shout out loud how much I love my brother Nicholas and my brother, Dean???????????? Whew!!!!!!!!!! I really do love them—so much!

And yesterday—yesterday– I still am not quite processing this…



Like I tried to explain at the beginning of this post, cancer is a Roller Coaster!

Without love, we would end up crumpled.

But with it, there is hope that the rattling car struggling uphill for miles with no end in sight will reach the summit.

Yikes! Then we need to hang on for the wild ride ahead!

Loving Anais Medina:)




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    I love you!!

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