A Childhood Cancer Survivor Blogging about the World of Childhood Cancer

Cancer hates love.

How do I know?

From what I know about the world of childhood cancer, I know that love can deal cancer its fatal blow. I’m not saying that treatment isn’t necessary– just that treatment combined with piles of love is medicine cancer can’t take. What I am saying is that cancer hates love because it can’t take our love away from us. Cancer can torture and take away People Shells, but it can’t rip the love from our hearts. Cancer must hate love, but love cannot ever hate cancer.

Love cannot hate, it can only conquer.

Love never, ever fails.

I remember moments during my battle with cancer where I knew I had the choice whether to live or die. Guess why I chose to fight? Love.

This does not mean that fallen childhood cancer “Messengers” did not choose love. It means their body could not withstand the Monster. Their tiny “Shells” had enough. Even when the sweet, wise Messengers are gone from the Earth, they remain in the hearts of so many of us—I do believe our love is multiplied from them being who they are. We learn to love better and deeper long after their bright smiles are no longer here. Cancer #cannottouchthis!

Please pray for the family of Jayden… a beautiful Hope Hero I had the blessing of meeting just a short time ago at Braden’s Run. Cancer took her from us.

“Don’t keep hugs wrapped up inside you, un-wrap them and give them away.”

                                                                                              ~Melinda Marchiano


No reason to keep one speck of love inside you either… give it all away.

Don’t you love when love conquers???!  Who is in your heart?

Love you Max!

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