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Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer And Recovery

Welcome to the month of May.  Is it just me, or is time moving at warp-speed?  I love May!  May is springtime and flowers and dance performances.

Mr. Boot has made his exit from my life. Bye Mr. Boot!

Heeeeeeeeeeellooooooo dance studio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you feeling “spring-y” and wanting some fun? Want to help a young boy with cancer at the same time?  I love this idea from Sherry, who wants to help a four year-old boy who is battling a brain tumor. The boy’s name is Brodie, and Brodie likes to draw on himself. (Is it just me, or does this totally endear him?!) If you enjoy drawing on yourself—or even if you do not—this is a prime opportunity to put a smile in the heart of a boy who is in the midst of his battle with cancer. What do you say we get out the markers, write a message on our hands to Brodie, take photos of our brilliant artwork and email it to gobrodie@me.com ?

While you are wracking your brain for that creative saying (or dull- it doesn’t matter!) to write on your hands, I will pass on inspirational news, in case you have not yet heard:

St. Baldrick’s had their biggest fundraising year yet!


I hope this serves as motivation for everyone fighting childhood cancer, both individuals and organizations. The only way we will win the war against childhood cancer is through cooperation.  The more we communicate and share information, the fewer “dark, sinister alleys” there are for cancer to hide out in. The way my mom envisions it is like a game she used to play when she was little called Red Rover. Neighborhood kids would choose two teams. The teams would link arms (not just hold hands, but link arms because the bond was stronger) and then call over someone from the other team to try to run through to break the bond. If the person couldn’t break through, then they had to join the other team. Let’s use the Linking Arms/Red Rover concept to destroy childhood cancer.

Cancer will end up on a team all by itself—a Loser!

Please link, link, link.  Let’s make it so that cancer will have nowhere to run to and nowhere to hide. It’s sometimes easy to become discouraged… especially when we hear news of another child lost. This time, the child is Nick.  I ask you for prayers for his family. 

I ask you to wash away every bit of discouragement and replace it with a fire of hope.

When you send your photo to Brodie, remember that your action is so much more than what your mind measures it to be. When you give your time or your resources to fight childhood cancer, please remember it is so much more than your one act.

You are a crucial element of the united bond that will make change.

Makes life worth living, doesn’t it?

Kick Butt Brodie


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