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Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer And Recovery

What an incredible day it was today in Houston. We began our day at Texas Children’s Hospital, and I want to thank Jameee for her kind hospitality in showing us all they have for the children. Where I was treated, at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, the children’s section is a small portion of the main hospital. Can you imagine how my eyeballs bugged right out of my skull when I saw that there is an entire Hem/Onc floor at Texas Children’s?! It is a wonderful place, with everything possible to help children get well and to help families help their children. Ronald McDonald House has a section that provides a kitchen and food for families so they don’t have to leave the hospital. There is a “stage” for performances and there were children everywhere, doing activities and what kids do best– being kids. The blood lab was on the same floor, meaning that results from blood tests arrive very quickly.  They have an “Infusion Suite” and more great services than I can even begin to tell you. 

After our time at Texas Children’s Hospital, I was honored and blessed to meet someone who I admire tremendously for her dedication to fighting pediatric cancer. I began communicating with her about a year ago, and today, I had the chance to sit and talk with her. Someone came to the front desk and escorted Mom and I back to her office through a maze of rooms that gave me, the Chemistry-Nut, chills. It was so cool! This woman’s name is Dr. Eugenie Kleinerman. I admire her, I respect her, and I want to follow in her footsteps. She graciously gave her time to share with me. Honestly, after I left, I was so inspired about my future in medicine I felt I could cry a bucket of tears. As I write this now, the tears are billowing. I will always remember what she gave me today. Dr. Kleinerman gave me a gift from her heart, and I will store and protect her gift in a very special place in my heart. 

Tomorrow, backtracking to Austin to Livestrong Headquarters and Dell Children’s…

Christus Santa Rosa Children's Colorful Emergency Room

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