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Gosh, I barely know where to begin to tell you about this epic day of the Hope Tour!

Bone dry Texas finally received the rain today that they have desperately needed for months. Mom and I busted out our umbrella and made a mad dash through the pouring rain to HugoHopeMobile and fired him up to head from Houston to Austin. Yes, I it was backtracking, but for very good reason. We had the opportunity to tour Dell Children’s Hospital and Livestrong Headquarters. There is no way we could miss it!

The three-hour ride through lightning and heavy rain seemed to fly. Everything we saw along the road was interesting, and we gut laughed most of the way there and back about the silliest things. When I first saw Dell Children’s Hospital, it struck me how important it is for us to care for our sick children. We were met right as we walked in by a lovely and kind woman, Kip, who took us all around the hospital to see what an incredible facility they have. We learned that Dell Children’s is the only “Green Certified” children’s hospital in the world! Natural lighting, central gardens, and beautiful, spacious rooms make the hospital very child-friendly. All the rooms are private, they have a wonderful library (and librarian– Hi Gabby!) and they also have a Livestrong Survivorship Center. One of our very favorite things we saw was a fire engine X-ray machine!

Fire Engine X-Ray Machine at Dell Children's Hospital

After visiting Dell, we drove to Livestrong Headquarters where we met Leigh for a tour I will never forget. Right away, Mom and I were struck with Leigh’s warmth. I will tell you that Livestrong Headquarters was nothing like my imagination had dreamed up. Everything, from the building, to what was inside, to the way they run the organization, was truly ingenious. It is perfectly obvious that there are extremely sharp people running the foundation, and they do an incredible job. Yes, my word for everything I saw today at Livestrong is INGENIOUS!


Topping off our epic day, we returned to Houston and met my mom’s cousin, Kathy and her husband Rusty for a seafood meal I will remember for a long time! Tomorrow, the HopeMobile heads for New Orleans… visiting New Orleans Children’s Hospital on Friday morning.

Comments on: "Dell Children’s Hospital and Livestrong Headquarters" (2)

  1. Melinda – It was an honor to meet you and your mom yesterday, and I’m so glad that you enjoyed your time in Austin! Safe travels as y’all head to New Orleans.

    • 1ballerina said:

      Thank you so much for your kindness! Mom and I loved meeting you; what a wonderful and warm person you are! We are totally blown away by what Livestrong is doing and the way you are doing it!

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