A Childhood Cancer Survivor Blogging about the World of Childhood Cancer

Louisiana, Wow!

HugoHopeMobile brought us from Houston to Louisiana today! There were drivers along the way who waved at us; they must like our childhood cancer HOPE signs on Hugo. Our drive today was filled with “ooooooohs” and squeals as our eyes feasted on the lushness of the land. I had no idea that there would be roads we would travel here in Louisiana that are built like bridges above the bayou waters– and they go on for miles and miles. The city of Baton Rouge had our jaws dropping to our chins as we gazed at the huge port. And most exciting of all was when I saw my very first legit mossy Louisiana bayou tree! 

Tomorrow morning, we will go to New Orleans Children’s Hospital and tomorrow night, we will attend the American Library Association Conference. I am very, very happy that we are receiving gracious replies from the hospitals we want to visit along our way. I am grateful to each and every person at each hospital for helping me on this mission. What mission is this, Melinda, you ask? 

***Each school day, 46 children are diagnosed with cancer in the U. S.

***Each day, 7 children die of cancer in the U. S.

***When children are diagnosed with cancer, 80% have advanced stages of the disease, as compared to 20% in adults. This is due largely to lack of awareness.

***Childhood cancer research is shockingly underfunded when compared with adult cancers

I am on a mission to help these children. They truly need our help. Please think about what you might be able to do– what you might be able to give. Please consider giving money or time. The very best thing you can give is your true understanding. Once you understand, there will be no way you cannot do something, anything, to make a difference for the future of our dear children.

Sorry no photos… the hotel internet connection won’t allow me to today!


6/17 Phoenix, AZ

6/18 El Paso, TX

6/19 San Antonio, TX

6/20-6/21 Houston, TX

6/22 – 6/25 New Orleans, LA

6/26 Atlanta, GA

6/27 Chapel Hill, NC

6/28 – 6/29 Philadelphia, PA

6/30 – 7/2 Boston, MA

7/3 Niagra Falls, NY

7/4 Indianapolis, IN

7/5 Leawood, Kansas

7/6 Denver, CO

7/7 – 7/8 Salt Lake City, UT

7/9 Sacramento, CA

7/10 Home




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