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Dear Philanthropists

Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

Dear Philanthropist,

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

A Gold Ribbon represents childhood cancer.

Rather than quote statistics today, I want to impress upon you the extreme importance of raising awareness for childhood cancer by sharing truth… this truth comes directly from parents who know the nightmare of their own child fighting cancer.

***“But what is needed even more are open eyes, warm hearts, and CURES so that no other child should be damned to die when they are diagnosed with cancer. KIDS GET CANCER TOO! Early detection is essential. Most children are near death before their cancer is diagnosed, because the mind set is that only adults get cancer, so they are never tested. Once diagnosed, there are so few treatments. For some of these children there are NO treatments. This HAS to change. More research dollars need to be going toward the research and development of SAFE treatments for children. And it is those of us who have suffered such unspeakable loss that stand at the front lines. It’s too late for our children but we fight for YOURS. We fight for every child who is currently receiving treatment. We fight for every child who WILL be diagnosed in the future. 46 children are diagnosed with cancer every single day. And every day 7 children leave this life way too early, murdered by a monster that can be stopped. That’s right, it CAN be stopped. But it takes more than prayer. If praying were enough, cancer would be no more. My child would never have suffered. It takes action, it takes all of us joining together and MAKING it happen. It’s time we stopped relying on an invisible being to do all the work for us.  It’s time we all stood up and starting fighting for the lives of our children, our grandchildren, our nieces, our nephews, our cousins… OUR children.”

*** “It is a beast that needs to be stopped, yet no one will because there is no profit in killing this monster. Profit…. while we are burying our children. “

***I have a feeling this posting is going to upset some people. I am fine with that as long as it isn’t any of the compassionate friends and volunteers who actively support (anonymous) and her family. (You know who you are and this is not directed toward you!) I wrote this because I read every one of the thousands of e-mails and comments that come in through (anonymous) website and Facebook page. For every 1,000 offers of support only a handful of people ever actually get around to doing anything at all. We send a list of a dozen easy ways that people can help yet we rarely ever hear another word. This is frustrating especially considering what (anonymous) is up against now that neuroblastoma cells are growing in her body again. (Yes it is hard to write those words and she isn’t even my child.) So as you read the following parable, please remember that (anonymous) needs you. Not next month or next year but NOW. Also, ask yourself…Are you truly here for (anonymous) and willing to help her or are you just saying that because it makes you feel good?) “

*** “ONE OF THE UGLY TRUTHS…Pediatric cancer research is not only grossly under-funded by the government, it is also largely ignored by private drug companies. Pharmaceutical companies fund over 50 % of adult cancer research, but virtually nothing for kids. They don’t commit resources to childhood cancer research because the adult cancer drug business is viewed as more profitable and less risky to them.”

***Wondering when we are going to wake up from this nightmare.  It doesn’t seem real to me at all.  We have gone from sobbing all day to now feeling shock and extreme anger to see what our son is going through.  Our son has been lying in bed for ten days now and with each day this rigid beast has been invading more parts of his body.  We can only sit and wonder what is happening inside his PRECIOUS INNOCENT LITTLE BODY!! “

When I visited Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta on the Children’s Hospitals Hope Tour this summer, they were highly optimistic about breakthroughs in research. Funding for research is what we need!

Research lab at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

“Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act.”

~ Proverbs 3:27

“Withholding good” is unacceptable. There has to be a huge line of philanthropists just waiting with their checkbooks open to give to pediatric cancer research. You don’t need to wait until September to fill in the zeros on those checks!

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  1. I do believe that greed and profit hinder us from every direction, whether it be to cure or to prevent! Our environment is so toxic and so many things approved as safe that are not while efforts to squash natural and preventive approaches are strong. I hope that everyone will take seriously what you eat and to eat as many organic whole foods as possible and to be aware of everything that surrounds you in your environment. Be aware of the big business in the pharmaceutical industries to keep people sick or thinking they are sick. Be aware of big business in general and the power they have with government and the FDA. Cures must be sought for those that are already sick and we must focus on prevention because as mentioned here often there is no cure or diagnosis comes too late. ;( I can’t even imagine having to watch my child suffer like that.

    • 1ballerina said:

      Thank you for your insightful thoughts and concerns. Yes, we do need to be aware and beware of potential ugly motives for profit. This is so sad, but very true.

  2. Une fois que tous les chakras sont ouverts, l’énergie s’aplanit,
    et devient équilibré.

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