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Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

I haven’t written much about Twitter since the Twitter Police nearly nabbed me almost a year ago. I was busily tweeting childhood cancer “please help us” tweets when @1ballerina (me!) received a TweetWarning from someone who believed I was Spamming; he threatened to “report me.”

Since then, I have been behaving myself on Twitter, even though I never did find a Twitter Manual to describe to me in detail what is okay and what is not okay. I have met some incredible people through Twitter, and I just never know who or what will be the next surprise. (Happily, I don’t receive Twitter Police threats anymore!)

One wonderful surprise this week, was meeting @AFreeBirdOrg  They describe on their website what they do to help children with cancer—

“Our mission is to empower each bird to fly free.”

A Free Bird aims to provide the opportunity for children diagnosed with cancer to continue to explore their artistic passion, and to give them the strength and power to fight their disease.”

I am grateful for people/organizations that recognize this kind of need and then act upon it! I hope that by sharing my story on http://www.AFreeBird.info that people will understand how crucial it is for children fighting cancer to be able to continue their artistic passions because it truly helps bring healing.


Speaking of Twitter and ways you can help fight childhood cancer by giving just a speck of your time, please tweet this to help raise money for Isaiah Alonso Foundation:

 @The_IAF and @SocialVest for #kickasscause NOW! We can win $ for #childhoodcancer. Please RT!

(Just copy the whole thing, paste it in your What’s Happening Window, and tweet!)

One more Click-of-A-Button way for you to be an advocate for childhood cancer this very day is to vote here for Journey for a Cure:


Finally, I want to thank Mr. Tom Nunn for his great idea of asking everyone to pass on a childhood cancer story…

There are so many ways we can be childhood cancer advocates, even if our wallets are empty.

I loved this special doorway for kids at Dell Children's Hospital!

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