A Childhood Cancer Survivor Blogging about the World of Childhood Cancer

Think About the Unthinkable


Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

Welcome to the month of September.

This is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. 

“The White House announced today that September has been declared National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

President Barack Obama made the proclamation to highlight the recent successes in treating pediatric cancer and to underscore the challenges still facing young people dealing with life-threatening diseases.”

From an article in Hem/Onc Today, dated September 2, 2011 (today!)


My friends, I ask you to continue your fight against childhood cancer. For those of you who may read these words who have never looked to face the world of childhood cancer, I ask you to turn and look.

What I want you to see most of all is not a “what,” but many “who’s.”

The children…

It is our serious responsibility to care for the young in our society. If each and every adult knew that tomorrow, 46 random U. S. children will be “chosen” as cancer victims, I don’t see how we can live on without swift, determined action. I don’t see how we can look at these faces and not think about how their lives matter. The dearest way we can show  that their lives matter is to make a difference for the children of the future.


Thank you to everyone who is building the Childhood cancer War Machine for your hours of dedication, sweat, and tears. You know exactly who you are.

I do too.

For everyone else, please bring yourself to think about what is truly “Unthinkable.”

Children do get cancer.

If we know the truth, well…I guess we each have to think about it, and then think about what part we each play in that truth.

Without a doubt, we are all called to action.



“Unthinkable” by Alicia Keyes (played by Melinda in my Team Max Shirt (which by the way is a fashion “must have!”)


Go ahead… think about the unthinkable… 

Beware, you will fall in love with the children, over and over again.

Fair warning.



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