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Childhood Cancer, The Empire State Building, and King Kong

Empire State Building ResponseDear Empire State Building,

It’s true we have had our differences recently. It’s true that “an individual” did request a “tower lighting for childhood cancer awareness.” (Thank you, Tony Stoddard! A Day of Yellow and Gold to Fight Childhood Cancer https://www.facebook.com/yellowandgoldforcole?ref=br_tf.)

What is missing from your statement is the fact that The Empire State Building not only turned down Tony Stoddard’s request, but refused requests from multiple childhood cancer foundations who all applied “responsibly.” What other conclusion is the childhood cancer community to make—other than the obvious? How can we help but conclude that you simply do not care about children with cancer?

You lit The Empire State Building for the release of an Alicia Keys album.

“Wait Til You See My Smile”
When the wind is blowing in your face
Sometimes in life you don’t see straight
Pray to Him, He will show
When your head is in a certain place
Nobody around to make you safe
Stand strong and you will grow
Could it be? Could it be that “the wind is blowing in your face” and you can’t “see straight”?

Or… could it be that you are simply uneducated about childhood cancer? Could it be that your lack of  awareness is the real reason for your refusal? How ironic it is that your lack of awareness is exactly what could be causing the blockade to more awareness! Please, click on this link to learn vital facts about childhood cancer from The Truth 365.


Class dismissed.

Would you now please reconsider your decision?

Without a doubt, what would make you change your decision in less than a heartbeat would be for you to actually meet a child fighting cancer. Their utter innocence, their unabashed courage, and their inner strength would melt you. Did you know that current treatments for childhood cancer are equivalent to torture? Did you know that while these children battle for their lives, they are always thinking of others around them and how they are feeling? Have you ever seen the face of a child who looks to you for hope?

Here’s the thing.

You have the ability to bring joy and happiness to these suffering children. You have the ability to shine a light of hope over New York City and our country. You have the opportunity to save children’s lives through awareness that leads to research funding. Imagine—you could be like Santy Claus when these kids see that the Empire State Building has given them a brilliant, shiny, gold gift of hope. You could be a shimmering mirror that reflects the beautiful light that shines inside of these kids.

“Wait til You See My Smile”

As other New York establishments announce that they will be lighting gold for pediatric cancer awareness month in September, like the Helmsley Building, Times Square, Coney Island Parachute Jump, and 1 World Trade Center, I ask you to do the same. A change in your decision will not mean you are weak and crumbling under pressure; it will mean you are strong and growing.

“Stand strong and you will grow.”

If you consider all of this and your decision to light gold for childhood cancer awareness month is still, “No,” then will you please book King Kong to climb up the side of the Empire State Building to spread gold glitter all over New York City in September? #EmpireGoGold

With hope for a world without childhood cancer,

Lee Marchiano

Step up







Think About the Unthinkable


Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

Welcome to the month of September.

This is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. 

“The White House announced today that September has been declared National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

President Barack Obama made the proclamation to highlight the recent successes in treating pediatric cancer and to underscore the challenges still facing young people dealing with life-threatening diseases.”

From an article in Hem/Onc Today, dated September 2, 2011 (today!)


My friends, I ask you to continue your fight against childhood cancer. For those of you who may read these words who have never looked to face the world of childhood cancer, I ask you to turn and look.

What I want you to see most of all is not a “what,” but many “who’s.”

The children…

It is our serious responsibility to care for the young in our society. If each and every adult knew that tomorrow, 46 random U. S. children will be “chosen” as cancer victims, I don’t see how we can live on without swift, determined action. I don’t see how we can look at these faces and not think about how their lives matter. The dearest way we can show  that their lives matter is to make a difference for the children of the future.


Thank you to everyone who is building the Childhood cancer War Machine for your hours of dedication, sweat, and tears. You know exactly who you are.

I do too.

For everyone else, please bring yourself to think about what is truly “Unthinkable.”

Children do get cancer.

If we know the truth, well…I guess we each have to think about it, and then think about what part we each play in that truth.

Without a doubt, we are all called to action.



“Unthinkable” by Alicia Keyes (played by Melinda in my Team Max Shirt (which by the way is a fashion “must have!”)


Go ahead… think about the unthinkable… 

Beware, you will fall in love with the children, over and over again.

Fair warning.



Alicia Keyes Tweets for Cancer Kids

The very first thing I want to tell you about today is how the Facebook site requesting Oprah to have a show about childhood cancer has continued to mushroom in growth. One strategy the page originators are using now is to ask celebrities to tweet about the page and ask their followers to “Like” the page too.

I have always loved Alicia Keyes music. Now, I love Alicia Keyes– she helped to fuel this movement by opening her heart and using technology to make good things happen. Please go out and buy her music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For all you NASCAR fans out there (brother Nicholas, are you listening?) this is what Jimmie Johnson’s foundation is doing for children with cancer:


And just one more link for you– telling about an amazing little girl named Layla Grace who lost her battle with cancer. Her tremendous spirit shines through this foundation to honor her gift of inspiration to all of us:


We have so much to do, and so many reasons to do it.

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