A Childhood Cancer Survivor Blogging about the World of Childhood Cancer

Orbs of Beauty


“Of course, looking forward to things or evoking wonderful memories from times past is great, but I began to realize, lying in that hospital, that I didn’t want to just “get through” my days. I wanted to live them and not throw away the precious days God gives to me.”

Children facing cancer fight it with exceptional grace. They reveal a beauty about life through their fight. Surrounding them, there is an aura of wisdom. Within them, their unimaginable strength, true courage, and their love for life all mix together to create an Orb of Beauty.  

I wish you could know them. I wish you could feel just one of their hearts. I wish you could see how they “just fight their cancer,” and how they do it without complaint. I wish you could see their eyes looking up into yours as they pretend not to hurt.

These children are heroes. They light the lives of everyone they meet. They remind us of what we take for granted every minute of every day. They unveil our selfish ways.

 All around them, they shine their Orb of Beauty.

People wonder why I am going to shave my head… 

I wonder… how is it that we can be more like them?

the faces of childhood cancer

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