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The Magic Wand


Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

Dear Oprah,

It’s me, Melinda again, with Part II of my “Squeak-Squeak”2011 New Year Letter to you.  I am inspired, motivated, and thankful to be a soldier in the passionate Facebook army of over 51,000 people who are asking you to do a show on childhood cancer.  Suddenly, my “Squeak” is multiplied many times over, with others writing letters to you daily. This is our way of demonstrating the immediate need for action. We are calling upon you because we believe you are the person who will be caring, willing, and able to accomplish the monumental task of gathering together the building blocks of a Childhood Cancer War Machine.

Instead of allowing space to quote statistics today, I will use all of the space to speak straight from my heart. I did not “decide” to become a soldier in this army. This mission chose me; there is no way I can turn my back on the children who are suffering. When I think about the children who will have to suffer in the future if we do not act now, I cannot sleep; I cannot breathe. Not only do we need to act now, but we need to act in a HUGE way!

In addition to being a soldier in the Facebook movement and army to help children with cancer, I am a full-time soldier in God’s army. My cancer story– my life story– is a story of faith, and my faith guides me, leads me, and challenges me to do what God has placed before me to do.

What He has asked me to do is to help His sick and suffering children.

Oprah, I need your help. Just itty-bitty Melinda cannot do this alone. Please gather together childhood cancer experts with members of The Giving Pledge. Make something amazing and magical happen! You hold the “Magic Wand” in your hands.

Please wave your Magic Wand over Childhood Cancer.

I believe in your magic,


16 Year-Old Author of Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

Getting Ready for a PET Scan

Dear Oprah…

Dear Oprah,

I thought long and hard about what I want to do for my Make-A-Wish—where I want to go, who I want to meet. It seemed to be the toughest decision in the world. Each desire that popped into my head left me feeling even more indecisive, and I was left searching for what I truly wanted.

Then, it came to me; it was so obvious. I want awareness. I want better care. I want understanding. I want hope. I want a voice for all of the kids and families who are too beaten down by cancer that no one can hear their cries. People know very little about childhood cancer and greater awareness will lead to earlier detection and SAVE LIVES.

I wish with all of my heart and every fiber of my being that someone, at last, educates people about childhood cancer. My wish is, in fact, not just a single desire, but the wish of thousands and thousands of people.  Yes, childhood cancer is sad, but if we acknowledge it, face it head on, and make everyone aware of it, many children’s lives will be saved and many parents will not have to lose their child.

My wish is the single most passionate, heartfelt desire I have ever known, and with your help, I am hoping and praying that it will come true.

With my sincere appreciation for considering my wish,


In her book, Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery, Melinda Marchiano offers an honest and inspiring portrayal of her cancer experience through the eyes of a teenager and proves there is medicinal value in love and laughter.  Melinda and I share a common bond.  We are survivors.  And we believe in the importance of empowering fellow survivors to live life on their own terms.  By sharing her story, Melinda is giving a voice to this global epidemic that needs immediate attention.  I am grateful to Melinda for having the courage to speak up and for her generosity in helping others fighting cancer.   – Lance Armstrong      

Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer And Recovery



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