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I Want to Make All of Them Full

Grace Cover ARC Ray Romano

Definition of “Full”

Containing or holding as much or as many as possible; having no empty space


This past Friday night, I had the honor of dancing at Wish Night for Make-A-Wish Tri-Counties. I had the honor, and the great pleasure, of dancing to Becca Solodon’s original song, “Through the Fire.” Becca was diagnosed with cancer when she was sixteen, and she lost one of her legs to the beast. I have known Becca for a few years, through the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation where she now works. The most accurate way I have of telling you who Becca is…. is to tell you her photo belongs next to the word “SWEET” in every dictionary. She has dedicated her life to making a difference for kids with cancer.  She has an unsurpassed special beauty in her voice and in the music she writes and performs.

Make-A-Wish Hyatt Teddy Bear Lift


Topping off the musical talent of the evening was Wish “Kid” Jessica McKenzie, who has studied voice at UC Berkeley. Her gorgeous vocal performance had everyone on their feet clapping when she was finished.

I was overjoyed to be there! The whole evening, I kept envisioning all of the kids I have met who are fighting for their lives. Looking at the people in the room, I gave thanks for their hearts. Some of the people there were Make-A-Wish volunteers, like John MacFadyen, who was the fabulous MC for the evening.  

Some were Make-A-Wish employees, like Shanna Wasson-Taylor, CEO of Make-A-Wish Tri-Counties, who was honored for seventeen years of service. I must also mention Linda McKenzie, my most incredible Wish Planner! The others were those who had paid to come, people who gave more money for auction items, and people who raised their hands to personally choose and fund a portion of a child’s wish. 

After several wishes were funded, there were no more hands raised, and John asked one more time.  We all looked at the bar graph showing there were some children whose wishes were not fully funded– and there were some that were not funded at all.  

There was a man who raised his hand…

“I want to make all of them full, ” he offered. 

Poor John, I think he nearly fell off the stage. He was speechless. The entire room of people stood and applauded this man’s generosity. It was an incredible moment! 

Full… “no empty space” 

This generous man left “no empty space” in the hearts of the children. He made them all full. With this kind act, he left no empty space in his own heart either.

…  I can “see” the kids everyone helped that evening. I “see” the moms and dads and siblings who will be blessed. 

Hope and Joy and Love are beautiful things to share; this is what Make-A-Wish does as their specialty!

Gramma & Poppy, always supportive, were at Wish Night!

Gramma & Poppy, always supportive, were at Wish Night!


Childhood Cancer survivor Becca Solodon rehearses her original song, “Through the Fire” before Wish Night for Make-A-Wish Tri-Counties. It was an honor to be there… to dance to Becca’s beautiful music, and to help make more wishes come true.

Talia on the Ellen Show and The Truth 365 Tonight

Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

“The world is my country, all mankind are my bethren, and to do good is my religion.”

Thomas Paine 

Oh my gosh!

Did you see Talia on The Ellen Show today? The show has not come on here where I live, but this is what I have seen!


I am so happy for Talia! Ellen, I thank you! You not only thrilled Talia, who has gone through way too much for any human… but you also thrilled each of us who care about children with cancer. What you did for Talia today, you also did for us. Her joy is my joy!

And Cover Girl, you ROCK, you just plain ROCK!


Do you know what tonight is my friends?

Just checking… to see if you have been reading along… or sleeping… because I would like to have your full attention.

Tonight, at 6:00 EST, The Truth 365 campaign begins. This is the link where you can watch!

This is a tremendous opportunity to learn, to grow, to share, and to make this world a safer place for our children. The number one cause of death by disease for children in our country is cancer. I am not messing around here. It’s time we go for the jugular. We do this by funding pediatric cancer research. 

What Ellen did for Talia could not be more wonderful.

It breaks my heart that Ellen could not give Talia what she really wants and what she really needs— a body free of cancer. Talia, if only we could!

Please do not sit on the sidelines, and hope that others will play the game.

It is not really a game at all; it is a matter of fighting with all we have against suffering and death of the most beautiful and precious humans on this Earth.

Make-A-Wish Hope Tour at Randall Children’s Hospital







Make-A-Wish, May my Wish Bloom and Grow

Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery




“Every End Is A New Beginning”



I will admit that this post is a difficult one to write. Wrapping up my Make-A-Wish Hope Tour Story is not easy to do. Like I quoted in my last day video, “All things must come to an end.”

I am discovering more each day that the mission of the Hope Tour has not ended, but instead, it has just begun. Meeting people with similar hearts for helping children with cancer has already given me the opportunity to connect people together for the common good of the kids. For example, I met Trevor Schaefer of Trevor’s Trek Foundation in Boise. Today, he is in Washington D. C. to meet with representatives about spectacular work he is doing to pass legislation that will help us learn about cancer clusters in the U.S.

It takes just a moment to sign the petitions:

Trevor’s Law:


While you are signing petitions for our children:

The Truth 365:


It’s true. The mission of the Hope Tour has only begun.

Make-A-Wish planned a very fun day for our final day in Los Angeles. Mom and I went to Universal Studios, with front of the line passes! Having concentrated on my health, my book, my studies, scholarship and college applications, and speaking/advocacy work the past four years, this was an entirely new concept to us! Oh my gosh– we laughed and laughed and loved our time there! Dracula tried his best to scare me in a gift shop. Little did he know that I have already faced the Real Monster!  I think he was a bit disappointed he was not able to rattle my cage. Hee hee, I think I rattled his instead!

Dracula was hungry!


Finally Met SpongeBob!!!

One of the things we did that we have never done before is have a caricature drawn. Mom enjoyed watching the artwork form, as I posed with my big Make-A-Wish button. “Yes, please include my button in the drawing!”

Caricature at Universal Studios

During our time at Universal, Mom took her usual “Jumping Photos.”

Hope Tour at Universal Studios


Hope Tour at Universal Studios

Hope Tour at Universal Studios

Hope Tour Video Day 27

Hope Tour Video Day 27 Part II (too funny!)

The final day of the Hope Tour arrived on July 14th—28 days after we left home. I had so many emotions inside me that day. I was sad. I was happy. I felt like this was what I am supposed to be doing, and it felt odd to have it end. I agonized over the location of my last Hope Tour Video, and then it came to me… right off the freeway on the way home… Cottage Hospital!

Final Hope Tour Video Day 28

I didn’t know then what I since have learned. All of the people I met, and places I went, are a part of me now. No one, and no thing, can ever take that away from me. I am grateful. I am truly, truly grateful. Now, I can take all that I have been given in my wish and transform it into help for the children I love so much.

Make-A-Wish made my wish much, much more than I ever wished or dreamed. May all that Make-A-Wish has given me grow and transform into the ultimate wish come true—saving children’s lives.

Location of my “Last Chemo Day at Cottage Hospital” photo

Thank you to Make-A-Wish!






Make-A-Wish Makes My Wish Live On

Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

“The crest and crowning of all good,

Life’s final star, is Brotherhood.”

~Edwin Markham

My Make-A-Wish Hope Tour time in Phoenix ended late in the afternoon, and then, Mom and I hopped into HerbertTheHopeMobile and headed toward California. 

California on the Hope Tour– what’s up with the trash???!

We encountered a brief display of nature when what I call a Mini-Haboob (Wikipedia definition) swept over the highway we were driving on. Tumbleweeds and twigs flew through the air as we found ourselves unable to see the road in front of us. The “I Respect Nature” display did not last long in its vigor, and soon, we were able to continue on, with a significant dust storm flying all around us.

On our way out of Phoenix, Mini- Haboob

By the time we reached Hyatt Westlake Plaza, we were two bleary-eyed Hope Tour-ers! Mom and I awakened the next morning to a surprise that opened our bleary eyes… it was a message from Linda… the Linda who planned the entire Hope Tour. She was down in the lobby!

Linda, my Make-A-Wish Angel

Linda has been incredible, amazing, and all other great adjectives rolled into one. She understood how I wanted to make my wish bless the children who are fighting cancer, and how I wanted my wish to raise awareness that will bring funding for pediatric cancer research. Linda, from Tri-Counties Make-A-Wish, worked with other chapters, including National, to make my wish come true. Through their co-operation, Make-A-Wish has not only made my wish come true, but they have made it possible for my wish to live on.  Linda, my very own personal Make-A-Wish Angel, I thank you. I know you love the children just as I do, and that’s why you were able to do what you did—pretty much the impossible! Mom and I thank you for our time together that enriched our lives; may it spill over and bless others. You will always be an Angel in my life.

After meeting Linda in the hotel lobby, we left for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Thank you to Marlen Bugarin, for meeting us. Marlen took us on a tour of the hospital, and I also had a time to meet Dr. Stuart E. Siegel, Director Head, Division of Hematology-Oncology, Professor of Pediatrics. Make-A-Wish far exceeded my wish by planning meetings with many oncologists and researchers on my Hope Tour.  This was a wonderful surprise! The opportunity to meet with doctors and researchers goes even beyond inspiring me to do what they do. By meeting, this opportunity opens the doors for all of us to work together for common good for children fighting cancer. Whenever we join with others who have the same passion, the good we can do exceeds the sum of the parts. It’s like vinegar and baking soda combined… bubbles!

With Dr. Stuart Siegel at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

One of the things I will remember most about my visit to CHLA, besides meeting Dr. Siegel, are the warriors I met that day. I met several teenage warriors who will always have a piece of my heart. I talked with Austin and his mom. Austin and I have a lot in common. He plays football, and we spoke of how hard it is to not be able to do what you love and how—at the same time—that love for what you love to do is what gives you the push to heal. I think of Austin every day… and I check in on his page to see how he is doing.


Someone else I will always remember is Henry. Henry told me an unbelievable story about his life and about what he has overcome, and how cancer has actually helped him to be who he needs to be. I won’t give the details, because, I have encouraged him to tell his own story!


On our way back to our hotel, after visiting the hospital, we missed the onramp to the freeway. As we drove down a street to turn around, we noticed a dog tied up outside a motor-home that looked like it didn’t “motor” anymore. The dog’s bones were sticking out, as if the poor baby was starving. Mom pulled over HerbertTheHopeMobile, looked into the back, and she pulled out something for the dog to eat. She got out, walked over to those who were in the motor-home, and asked if it would be okay to feed the dog.

I love my mom.

My Make-A-Wish Hope Tour created many acts of love… this is why my wish lives on.

California in the Distance on the Hope Tour

A Wish Is…

Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

A wish is…

 a hope, and a dream, and a leap of faith. One act of love can make it come true.


With summer 2012 fading into the sunset, I find myself with my first two weeks of college behind me. I love it here at Pepperdine! Before time rolls on, I want to complete my Make-A-Wish Hope Tour Story. I believe I left off at the Grand Canyon, which brings us to our time in Phoenix.

I will probably always chuckle when I recall our time in Phoenix. What makes me laugh is remembering waiting for our “shuttle” in the hotel lobby on our very first morning there. Our itinerary showed that a shuttle would pick us up and take us to Phoenix Children’s Hospital. We saw that there was a hotel shuttle out front and then noticed that the shuttle driver was scurrying around in the hotel. As we waited for the driver to finish his business in the lobby, an enormous white limousine—with a big blue star that said, “Make-A-Wish,”– pulled up alongside the shuttle.

Could it be that there is another “Wish Kid” here?

Could it be that that is for me?

Is THIS the “shuttle”?!

I was equally delighted by our ride as by our driver, Modjtaba. What a wonderful man, with a beautiful way, and what an enormous number of children he must have delighted throughout his many years of service to Make-A-Wish!

My “shuttle driver”, Maja

My special thanks go to Jamie, Teri, and Allison at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and to Rachel and Jennifer from Make-A-Wish.

With Rachel Jimenez from Make-A-Wish

Speaking at Phoenix Children’s Hospital

While I was at Phoenix Children’s, I was able to speak with patients and staff, have visiting time with patients, and was able to take a tour of their brand new facilities. The cafeteria at Phoenix Children’s Hospital wins my personal grand prize (thank you for lunch, Allison, and thank you to Jennifer from Make-A-Wish, Phoenix, for all your hard work!) One more of the many things I love about Phoenix Children’s Hospital, is that they have a therapy dog program! What would I have done without the therapy dogs at Cottage Hospital?!

I love therapy dogs! Phoenix Children’s Hospital

The staff was exceptionally kind and caring. I loved meeting each of them. You would imagine that anyone who would choose the field of caring for children with cancer would have qualities of gentleness and compassion, and this is exactly what I found at each of the hospitals I visited on the Hope Tour. I have within me even more respect, even more gratitude, for each and every worker who helps the children than ever before. Each of their jobs is important in the lives of the kids.

With Teri Lane at Phoenix Children’s Hospital

I want to hug them all! Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Ashton getting ready to go home!

Thank you for what you do!

Hope Tour Video Day 24

Hope Tour Video Day 24 Part II

Day Two in Phoenix brought more surprises. I was very excited for this day. I knew from our schedule that we would be meeting Elizabeth Reich, President & CEO of Make-A-Wish Foundation of Arizona, and David Williams, President & CEO of Make-A-Wish. All I could think about was how I could ever express my thanks to them. How could I ever tell them what Make-A-Wish has done for me? How could I thank them for all that Make-A-Wish does for children with cancer?

These thoughts stilled swirled about in my brain as Mom and I entered the Ritz-Carlton in Scottsdale to meet them for lunch. It’s a good thing my brain was swirling a bit, because I was totally unprepared for what awaited us as we entered the beautiful building. As the doors opened, I noticed the staff was standing on either side of me, forming a path for me to walk through. And they were clapping.

Melinda Food at The Ritz-Carlton in Scottsdale

The swirling of my brain escalated, as we entered an elevator with Elizabeth and David that opened its doors to a room filled with my favorite foods! Really! Chef Jeff (I love saying that!) greeted us and then gave us a tour of the gourmet delicacies that awaited our lucky taste-buds. The food was delicious beyond word-description. It included a frozen yogurt for dessert (with berry topping!) that I swear had to come straight from the cow.

Lunch with David Williams and Elizabeth Reich– Chef Jeff at the Ritz-Carlton in Scottsdale

I loved meeting and talking with David and Elizabeth. I could have enjoyed their company all day long, and if there was room in my tummy, I could have enjoyed the food all day long! I send my sincere thanks to everyone at the Ritz-Carlton for everything! When we finished our lunch, we headed across the street to Make-A-Wish Headquarters. With this stop near the end of my Hope Tour, I had so much to thank everyone for that I could hardly wait.  

With Elizabeth at Make-A-Wish Headquarters

After speaking with everyone and signing books, Mom and I had a tour. I loved meeting everyone at Make-A-Wish. I was touched by the love in everyone’s hearts. I was touched by the photos on the walls of other Wish Kids.

With Frances and Jennifer at Make-A-Wish Headquarters in Phoenix

To anyone who has ever worked for or supported Make-A-Wish, I need to thank you. You helped grant so much more than my wish. You sent love into my heart and into the world.

Thank you!

Thank you Make-A-Wish!

 Hope Tour Video Day 25











Discovering the World — Make-A-Wish Hope Tour at the Grand Canyon

Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.”

– Buddha


Without a doubt, one of the great joys of my Make-A-Wish Hope Tour was the opportunity I had to discover the world. I discovered more about the world of childhood cancer, about the patients, those who take care of them, about childhood cancer research, and about our healthcare facilities. I discovered new friends. Traveling by car, and seeing this country we live in, was a breathtaking education in itself! When Linda, my INCREDIBLE Make-A-Wish coordinator, told us that they would have to “put” us somewhere between Salt Lake City and Phoenix over a weekend, I had no clue that the place she would “put” us would be the Grand Canyon!

After a very long day of driving through sight after sight that drew our gasps, we approached the Eastern entrance of the Grand Canyon near the time of sunset. We had been driving through Navajo Land, and the circular huts we kept seeing had piqued my interest enough to Google them. (Yes, Google them!)

Make-A-Wish Hope Tour at The Grand Canyon

We pulled over at the very first look-out point after we entered the park, Desert View. No words or pictures, or anything Earthly could have prepared me for my first view of the Canyon. Rather than try unsuccessfully to re-capture my thoughts and feelings at the time…

Day 21 Video

Grand Canyon on the Hope Tour

We cried. Mom and I cried. We cried tears of joy for this place of unspeakable beauty before us. We cried tears of joy for life. We cried tears of joy for the love we have for each other. God’s presence and His love were overwhelming. Overwhelming.

Thank you again, Make-A-Wish, for giving me the opportunity to discover the world. I promise to give all my heart to it.

Thank you to Grand Canyon Squire Inn for our wonderful stay and for your kind support of Make-A-Wish!

From PA2 Events for September National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month...




Hope Tour– Long, Winding Road as we Dance to the Music


Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery




“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” 

― George Harrison



If I had to choose the most spectacular drive of our Make-A-Wish Hope Tour, it would also be the day of our longest drive. It would have to be our drive from Salt Lake City to the Grand Canyon, a fourteen-hour day on the road. We left Salt Lake City early in the morning, with Herbert The HopeMobile loaded down with our freshly cleaned clothes. Mom and I were excited– really, really excited to see what wonders of nature were waiting for us to explore!

Although Bryce Canyon was a bit out of our way, there was no way we could drive past the sign pointing to the side road without turning. Mom had been there with her family when she was a teenager, and she had told me about the spectacular beauty. As we climbed out of the car and headed up a hill for our first view of the canyon, I had no idea what awaited me on the crest of the hill. It took awhile to fully comprehend that what I was looking at was real!

Bryce Canyon on Make-A-Wish Hope Tour

I watched the teeny-tiny-sized people hiking in the canyon below and wished we had more time here. I felt teeny-tiny. I felt like the whole entire world was spread out before my eyes to behold. I felt blessed to be standing there looking at a sight that appeared way too special to be viewed by mere human eyes.

Can You Hear the Music?





“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.” Nietzsche

A dear friend sent me this quote. I love it on so many levels that I don’t even know where to begin telling you how much I love it! Taken literally, it is a gorgeous way of explaining why dancers dance. Not only do dancers “hear the music,” but we need to dance when we hear it. Taken figuratively, this quote is a beautiful explanation for why there are growing numbers of people joining together to stop childhood cancer. They are people who “hear the music.” They are people who hear the call to “dance.” It makes no difference what type of “dance” they do, whether it is ballet, modern, lyrical, hip-hop, or jazz, as long as they “dance to the music.”

One extraordinary example of this is 46 Mommas. Someone with little or no understanding about the great need for childhood cancer research would look at these women who shave their heads to raise money for this cause and think that they were “quite insane.” Those who “hear the music” know that these women are not only much more deeply connected to it than the rest of us, but they are “dancing” as gracefully as they can to “the music.” These women who have a very personal connection to childhood cancer also have a clear understanding of the great need for swift, strong action. Their selfless “dance” — raising money by shaving their heads– helps those who are currently “deaf” to hear. It turns The Unaware into The Aware. Thank you to all of the “Mommas,” and to one “Sister,” Leah Mireles, for Shaving for the Brave and for raising money for St. Baldrick’s and childhood cancer research!

Road to the Grand Canyon

The Glory of Nature on the Hope Tour

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