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Loving Lilly

Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

I have been thinking of Lilly all day long.  Today is the day she shaves her head for the brave, unselfish, honorable reason of raising money for St. Baldrick’s Foundation and for childhood cancer research.  Lilly is not yet a teenager, yet she has boldly stepped forward to carry on her brother’s mission of raising money to stop childhood cancer… even if it is two bucks at a time. 

I ask you today to show your love for Lilly. I ask you to do it now.  (I can see you shaking in your boots like I am looking at you, and you are right, I am!) There is a great saying in “The King & I,” where the King of Siam says, “Now is always best time.”  I have found this to be very valuable in my life; I am asking that you try practicing it right now by clicking the link below:


Right now is the best time to act… and I would love for you to let me know about it by commenting!  Now that you have clicked the link, you are halfway there! (Don’t start sweating and panicking!)  You have the opportunity now to decide how much you would like to donate. I will not accept any excuses. “I can’t afford it” will not work with me.  I will just ask you to give up that Starbuck’s, or eat beans for a night, or even use less toilet paper (hee hee!) If Lilly can show love for her brother, Max, and other children fighting cancer with this exceptional act of love and kindness, the least we can do is dig deep… very, very deep within ourselves to locate something– anything– to give.  As Max would tell people, “Two bucks, I mean it!”  If you have “Two Bucks” to give… you have something wonderful to give!

May I please cover possible excuse #2?  “I don’t have time” won’t work with me either.  Get up five minutes earlier or go to bed five minutes later.  Give up five minutes of that silly television show that is garbling your brain cells and recognize we have a hero among us! 

Just like her brother Max, Lilly is a true hero.

It is a joy, and a truly humbling experience, to support Lilly.

I just did!

Incredible Super-Sib Lilly

Pearls of Wisdom and Rusty Gates

Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

“Make that change” ~ Michael Jackson

It makes me wonder. I wonder why humans spend enormous amounts of time focusing on what we are getting or not getting—instead of examining what we are giving or not giving.

I wonder where and when, “Me, me, me!” became the rule rather than the exception.

Would you like to know about the glaring exceptions to this dreaded state? I see exceptions everywhere I look in the world of childhood cancer. I see Mr. Tom Nunn ready to tattoo his head to raise money to fight childhood cancer and I see his wife, Jodie, prepared to shave her head. I see their sweet daughter, Lilly—at ten— willing to shave her head too. Not only do they do all of this, but they collect cans, have bake sales, hold continuous online auctions, and also collect gold items and old electronics. All of the money they raise goes straight to St. Baldrick’s. In all that they do, I feel their love for Max. I love how they have chosen to honor their love for him by diving head first into the water to help other children.

In addition to Lilly Nunn, there are more children who have received and processed “The Pearl of Wisdom” about giving. One of these kids is Nino Mireles. Nino’s sister fought cancer as a toddler, and she is now a survivor. Nino has created something delightful by combining his love for cancer children and his artistic talent. He paints lively, colorful murals to make children happy and at the same time he is raising money for the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation and Cottage Hospital.


Lilly and Nino are givers. Givers are the humans who “Make That Change.”

Thank you, Lilly and Nino. You are making this world a better place to live. Your Pearls of Wisdom are shining for other youth around you to notice. When they see what you are doing, they will feel the goodness of your heart and want to do something too.

Sometimes when we look inside ourselves, we discover that we hold the keys which unlock the old rusty gates imprisoning our potential to give all we have to give.

Here’s to unlocking a multitude of rusty gates.

“Make That Change.”  ~Thanks Michael… for your dancing:):):) and your love.

From Noah’s mom today:


I want to adopt the Nunn family!

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