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Souls in Tiny People Shells

Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

Sometimes I wonder why we need to walk around in these stinkin’ People Shells. Please forgive me God— I am very, very grateful for my body. I call them “stinkin” because they get messed up, they mess you up, and they give out.

When I hear of another cancer child losing the battle… like Savannah Swandal…

I wonder why.

Savannah will be forever 11, but her smile will be forever mixed with all the love I store in my heart. I never had the pleasure of meeting her here on this Earth, but I look forward to meeting her where she dances now. She must be dancing, with Breanna, and Max, and Alexa, and so many others.

Imagine children in their heavenly bodies dancing and giggling, while God watches them with a love we will never come close to witnessing on this globe. There is a joy and a peace and a happiness that fills their spirits beyond what is beyond what is beyond…

This joy awaits us. Every one of us.

We must be called to love one another.

Being stuffed into this People Shell gets tough… watching our loved ones suffer in their People Shell is torture.

While I am here in this Shell, I pledge to do all I can to make cancer disappear from People Shells—beginning with Tiny People Shells.

I love you, Souls in Tiny People Shells:)

Praying for Savannah’s family. Grateful for the love Savannah shared with all of us.

Savannah Swandal



Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

When I miss communicating with you for a few days, I get all messed up. It’s like all of the things I want to share with you get plugged up like logs in a logjam. Then, in order to share my “logs” in an orderly fashion, I have to straighten them out of their tangle before they will proceed with any recognizable order.

Let’s see… Log #1 out of the gate…

Did you hear that Lance Armstrong has retired from professional cycling to dedicate his focus to fighting cancer? Most of you know how much I admire Lance and how much he inspired me during my treatment and recovery. I have seen stories in the news recently of Lance visiting children’s hospitals… can you guess where I am going with this? I sure would love to see LIVESTRONG expand their STRONG ARM in order to devote more of their efforts to combating childhood cancer. I think it’s great that they have the very unique LIVESTRONG at School where teachers can download age-appropriate materials to help their students learn about cancer. Did I tell you that I applied last month to be a LIVESTRONG Leader? Giggles… I forewarned them that I would be “infiltrating for the advancement LIVESTRONG’s childhood cancer subdivision!”

Log #2… untangling…

My mom and I have been working with a great guy, Benn, who is designing a new website for me where people can buy Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery. The site is www.melindamarchiano.com

Log #3… straightening…

We did some research before we chose a merchant processing system and we are very excited to tell you that we decided on a Give Back program that benefits Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Cottage Hospital is a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital and the people there saved my life… we love this choice!

Most importantly of all, I am thinking of and praying for all of the children who are fighting cancer and recovering from cancer today. I am thinking of the families who love their little warriors and who would go to any lengths to help them in any way. I am thinking of those brothers and sisters whose hearts are crushed by the site of suffering.

And for the moms and the dads who keep pouring out your love… till it can only come out in a drip… may God bless you and fill you up to the top again with His Living Water.

Prayers for Savannah


May God Bless Onc-Moms

Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

Today, I am thinking today of all of the moms of children fighting cancer. Somehow, these moms manage to become Superheroes while they prepare for battle against the Monster that is childhood cancer. In a time where most people would emotionally fall apart, these moms find super-human strength in their bodies and spirits. They want to take the disease themselves; they want to protect their child at any cost.


When they are tired, they push on. When they are lost and broken, they find the strength to show their child the love in their heart. When they cannot utter a word, they smile to let you know everything will be okay. When their child is helpless, hopeless, and hurting, they snuggle up next to them and hold them like they will never let them go.

Dear God,

I pray for your great blessing on mothers who have helped their children with cancer. Lord, I pray for your tremendous love and power to enter their hearts to help them with all they have to process and all they have to accomplish. I pray you will give them hope, clarity, peace and strength. Please give them wisdom to recognize the needs of their children and help them to know that the job they are doing is a direct calling from you.

Finally, I ask you to bless my mom for all she has done for me. Please bless her on this day–her birthday–and always.

I pray this with deep gratitude,


The news from Savannah’s CT are not good… please pray for Savannah.



Please pray for Savannah

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