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Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

My brother, Dean, told me today about a friend he grew up going to school with—a friend he played sports with for many years. I remember this friend of Dean’s always playing with unabashed passion, and I remember playing basketball in the same league against his younger sister. Dean was visibly shaken as he told me about his friend… his nineteen-year-old friend.

A doctor told Dean’s friend he has just a few days to live; he has been battling cancer for over a year. The cancer first blinded him in one eye, then the other, and then it moved to his brain. How devastating this must be to his entire family. How devastating this is for one more young life to be ravaged and destroyed.

Tomorrow, forty-six more children will be diagnosed with cancer in the United States. Seven children will die.  

I read in my Government homework that we spend $500 billion a year for National Defense. I propose we re-allocate $100 billion of this to fight the war against childhood cancer. Childhood cancer is an invisible enemy that uses stealth tactics to destroy the lives of children and their families. This insidious enemy attacks children in their own land, in their own homes, and it invades their innocent, healthy bodies for the purpose of destruction. I cannot imagine a more violent, threatening enemy than childhood cancer.

I wonder…

If bombs burst in the sky each time that childhood cancer rips a child’s life away, would we pay more attention?

Childhood cancer is war, and it needs all the National Defense it can get.

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With love for Lily Blackman…  passing this on…

“Please pray for Lily Blackman’s family, Lily earned her angel wings….”She’s gone. She tiptoed into heaven before sunrise this morning with her mommy and daddy by her side. We miss her so much already. Arrangements will be made later today with Cumby Funeral Home in High Point, NC and Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church also in High Point, NC. 

Thank you for your prayers for Lily.”


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