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Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

I learned of a courageous young man named Kevin McGuire today. Kevin was diagnosed with leukemia when he was thirteen. After winning the first battle, Kevin—now eighteen—has learned that he must battle cancer again.

The full story–

Having been diagnosed when I was thirteen, I cannot imagine what Kevin is feeling right now. I do know that every ounce of love and care for Kevin will make a difference for the better in his current fight and in his future recovery. Those who have never known anyone with cancer cannot comprehend the complexity of treatments or the horror that someone’s body goes through while raging war against cancer. I have found that teens face a very different added emotional struggle that goes along with the physical fight.

A fellow teen survivor sent me this message last week–

“I thought no one else knew the hell and loneliness.”

What I want to describe is the deep need for us to give from our hearts to help Kevin. He not only needs methotrexate (thank you again to those who yelled, kicked, clicked, and screamed,) but he needs everyone around him to help heal him by lifting his spirit over and over again. Healing Kevin’s body is but a portion of the battle.

It sounds to me like the very best Spirit-Lifter for Kevin, would be for Taylor Swift to take him to his prom!

Taylor Swift take KEVIN MCGUIRE TO PROM!


Please like this page, and let’s gather all of the Spirit-lifting medicine for Kevin that we can find. Okay, all together, on the count of three…


I bet she already have a dress to wear…

Please Say Yes, Taylor!

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