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Share Dreams and Wishes with Kevin and Owen

Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

As thoughts of Kevin McGuire and his second battle with leukemia raced through my mind today, I also thought of Taylor Swift and her incredible act of kindness in asking Kevin to attend the ACM Awards as her date. I am still awestruck by how fast word spread through Facebook, and I want to thank each one of you who took the time to like his page and pass on the request. I admit that I rarely watch TV, opting to dance every night instead, but I will be sure to have myself plunked in front of the television on April 1st so that I won’t miss a moment of “Kevin & Taylor” coverage!

Along with thoughts of Kevin today, I also thought about Owen McMasters. Owen and Kevin have something in common. They are both in need of the drug methotrexate for their treatments—the medicine shortage we have been so very concerned about.

Owen and his parents spoke with Sanjay Gupta on CNN about their concern over the shortage of methotrexate.

Owen has decided for his Make-A-Wish to wish that children will be able to receive the life-saving drugs that they need to live. What a heroic, loving, and generous wish! Yet, there is something very, very wrong when a child needs to use his Make-A-Wish so that children can get the medicine they need to live.

Shouldn’t this supply problem already be taken care of by responsible adults?

St. Baldrick’s gives us an update on the current shortages of drugs used to treat childhood cancer.

When we are speaking of a child’s life or death need for medicine, we must ask ourselves, who is responsible for making certain that each child who needs medicine will receive it?

Let’s all take responsibility; let’s make Owen’s wish come true.

“But how?” you ask.

Let’s make Owen’s wish come true the same way that everyone helped make Kevin’s dream date come true…

Please speak up and spread the word!

Owen McMasters



Will Taylor Swift Say Yes to Kevin McGuire?

Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

I learned of a courageous young man named Kevin McGuire today. Kevin was diagnosed with leukemia when he was thirteen. After winning the first battle, Kevin—now eighteen—has learned that he must battle cancer again.

The full story–

Having been diagnosed when I was thirteen, I cannot imagine what Kevin is feeling right now. I do know that every ounce of love and care for Kevin will make a difference for the better in his current fight and in his future recovery. Those who have never known anyone with cancer cannot comprehend the complexity of treatments or the horror that someone’s body goes through while raging war against cancer. I have found that teens face a very different added emotional struggle that goes along with the physical fight.

A fellow teen survivor sent me this message last week–

“I thought no one else knew the hell and loneliness.”

What I want to describe is the deep need for us to give from our hearts to help Kevin. He not only needs methotrexate (thank you again to those who yelled, kicked, clicked, and screamed,) but he needs everyone around him to help heal him by lifting his spirit over and over again. Healing Kevin’s body is but a portion of the battle.

It sounds to me like the very best Spirit-Lifter for Kevin, would be for Taylor Swift to take him to his prom!

Taylor Swift take KEVIN MCGUIRE TO PROM!


Please like this page, and let’s gather all of the Spirit-lifting medicine for Kevin that we can find. Okay, all together, on the count of three…


I bet she already have a dress to wear…

Please Say Yes, Taylor!

Way to Yell, Kick, Click and Scream– I am SO Stinkin’ Proud of You!

Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

I want to get down on my knees and thank each and every one of you who yelled, kicked, clicked and screamed about the shortage of the drug methotrexate. According to PAC2, who I must continually thank for uniting us and educating us, “the methotrexate crisis is averted”! The childhood cancer community has come together in these past few weeks, with a voice that has been heard! Like I said in the title to this post, “I am SO stinkin’ proud of you!”

This news came today from a FDA webinar:

1)    The FDA has approved APP Pharmaceutical’s application to manufacture preservative free methotrexate

2)    Manufacturing at Hospira has increased earlier than expected

The FDA concluded:

We now have sufficient available supplies and will continue to see more in weeks to come.”

Further updates will come, as there are other potential drug shortages on the horizon.

If you would like to listen to the webinar, call 800-839-8792.

I send a huge thank you to Dr. Adamson from CHOP, for leading us in the legislative battles that loom around and about childhood cancer. Your leadership truly blesses us. Please keep doing what you are doing… saving children’s lives. You help give clarity to the issues for those of us who want to learn what we can do to help stop childhood cancer.

Dr. Adamson speaking about the drug shortage on PBS News Hour:


Finally, I’m thinking that Dr. Adamson must be a pretty fun guy to hang out with. (I see all of you laughing!) Anyone with a sense of humor, (direct and to the point) like the one he shows below, has got to be okay! 

In the quote below, it appears that Dr. Adamson challenges Congress to complete passing this legislation in the same it takes for him to get children with ALL into remission. He is not joking.


“I certainly understand that passing legislation is complex, difficult. I suspect, however, that it is no more complex or difficult than curing a child with cancer. And I can absolutely tell you it is no more complex or difficult than what children with cancer face everyday.”

~ Dr. Peter C. Adamson, Chairman, Children’s Oncology Group

 Emma Grace is someone fighting cancer today…

What a beautiful girl she is!

Let’s continue our fight for her and for all the other children fighting.

We are with you Emma Grace-- all the way!

Way to Yell, Kick, Click and Scream my friends!

It is clearly apparent that somebody cares. Nice work.

Yes… nicely done.



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