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Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

Dance, dance, and more dance filled my day today… you know how happy that makes me! We (Civic Ballet of San Luis Obispo) are rehearsing for our Spring Gala Performance.

Every time my body moves to music, I remember how I felt inside when I was physically unable to dance. It’s a memory that makes me overcome with not sadness, but with overwhelming appreciation that I am able to once again do what I love to do. Even though nearly four years have passed since my cancer treatment, my gratitude has not faded; it has grown.

As I celebrate my ability to move, I cannot help but think of children who are in the middle of their fight with cancer. How can I move through space to beautiful music and not notice there are others who cannot?


Today, I think of Trey

“Okay for those that believe in the power of prayer, I could really use your help … Please Pray ♥!! I’m still not feeling good :(. Running a fever and had night terrors … Please pray that it’s just a normal kid sickyness … please! Below is my Mommy’s post from last night :(. Please pray for strength and peace for her and Daddy too.”
“Afraid to fall asleep. I can’t sleep when he’s “healthy” …afraid if I go to sleep I may never see him again. He keeps waking about every 40mins with a 20 min long night terror. God please just grant us a break.”


I think of Alyssa



I leave you with an opportunity to be an advocate for children with cancer. All you have to do is click away!

Pablove Foundation

“For every new “Like” Content Chemics will donate $1 to The Pablove Foundation. What are you waiting for?”

Thinking of Alyssa


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