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A Salute to General Christine and Mr. Mark Zuckerberg

Dear Oprah…

Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

Just kidding! That really was my last letter yesterday. Now, we play the waiting game. What do you think? Will HARPO Studios respond?

Today, I want to bring to your attention the administrator of the Oprah Please Do A Show On Childhood Cancer Facebook Page. I call her General Christine, because in just a few short months, she has gathered together over 50,000 voices for childhood cancer all in one spot. She calls us “Army.”

Thank you, General Christine, for your hours and hours of effort to create a united force of passionate advocates for childhood cancer. Thank you most of all for your tender heart that opened wide when you saw the huge need. Thank you for using your talents and gifts to give straight from your soul. Thank you for keeping the Army of Soldiers positive, engaged and enthusiastic about working toward our common goal.

Little did I know what I would have missed if I had not been active with Facebook when General Christine began assembling the Troops!

I need to thank Mr. Mark Zuckerberg for creating Facebook. I held off longer than anyone I know before I finally created a page– for the purpose of connecting with other people whose lives have been touched by childhood cancer.

Mr. Zuckerberg, you have forever changed my life. The gratitude I have for the friendships I’ve made, and the opportunity I have to link together with those of similar passion, is priceless. When you created Facebook, I imagine you had no idea that it would be a Tool for change for children with cancer. Your creation is a blessing.

Mr. Zuckerberg, one more thing… will you please consider a donation to childhood cancer research as a member of The Giving Pledge?

Sorry… is it wrong to genuinely thank someone and also ask for something in the same letter?

My hand is in saluting position for General Christine and Mr. Zuckerberg. It has been quite the mission. Let there be an answer and please let it be the one we are all praying for.

Stop Childhood Cancer

Cover Design and Endorsements!

My friends, I am one excited person.  We finalized the cover design for Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery today… I am in love with my book cover!  My mom and I were joking, as I spurted my excitement about this, that I am going to have to change my “relationship status” on my Facebook Page from “single.”  We even took it a step further, imagining changing from “single” to “in a relationship” to “engaged” as my love for my cover grows!  It won’t be long before I reveal the book cover mystery:) for all to see.

I am very, very happy that endorsements are coming in each day from places where cancer patients can receive support.  Some of these organizations have even been so kind that they forward my information to other people, and foundations that they think will be interested in my story!  Now how nice is that?! 

So, even though my trip to the doctor’s yesterday revealed that I have a sinus infection and a touch of pneumonia, I have a big smile on my face, and a huge dose of gratitude growing in my heart.  I am grateful for the blessings of today!

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