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Barnes & Noble and Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

I am very excited about my first bookstore book signing tomorrow at Barnes & Noble on State Street in Santa Barbara.


One of the things I am most looking forward to is seeing my “Santa Barbara friends”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mom talked with Jaynie, my Child Life Specialist, this past week, and she is going to come– and I think she might even bring Rowan!

Who is Rowan?

Rowan is a 122 pound Leonberger and incredibly amazing therapy dog:) I can’t begin to tell you how much healing that Rowan brought to me as the chemo dripped into me.

I love Rowan!

It will be so much fun to see everyone. I hear that dearly loved Dr. Dan will be coming by with his family and guess who else said he will come by?

My mentor, who, without his splendid information, I would not be signing anything tomorrow– or seeing any of the people I love.

Thanks Matt.

Also, without my amazing, loved bunches and bunches, medical staff, there would not only be no book, there would be no Melinda:)

Publication Day for Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

Today is not just like any other day. Sprinkled throughout my normal activities of the day were spurts. You know what I’m talking about! I went to school today like any other weekday, and I went to dance today, like every day of the week, but one– but there were moments when Grace popped into my mind and the spurts gushed forth. They were quite robust I might add:)

I think back to those scribbles in my spiral notebooks that I began just to be able to write. I have always loved writing. Writing was healing to me at that time, and I began filling those notebooks. 

As I was asked to speak and share my story more and more, I realized my story could help people. My mom, God bless her, began typing the 90,000 words that filled those spiral notebooks. I love you Mom… this day would not be without you.

And Matt… there really aren’t any words, so I will say, “Thank you. I will pass it on.”

And Greenleaf Book Group… Hobbs, and Bryan, and Sheila, and Linda, and Jenn, and Kristen, and Katelynn… and Clint:)…  you guys are the best. It has been an honor and a true blessing to work with you.

 And God…  thank you for this blessing of my life. Thank you for this opportunity to share the firsthand voice of what a child with cancer experiences. Thank you for the blessings for your dearly loved children that I know You have planned.

 I love you!

Selling 10,000 Books at a Time

Does this post title grab the attention of my author friends?

I imagine your ears are perked as high as a German Shepherd ready to protect his family from danger. I received an email today from my friend, Matt, who wants to assist me in achieving exactly what my title states.  You can imagine that my ears perked up to their perkiest level and my brain started crackling with all that he wrote in his email. Don’t you love when someone shares their wealth of knowledge with you– just because they want to help others?

It seems that authors and publishers would hoard this information, fearing that helping others would result in even slightly higher sales of other author’s books. This just might send them to the poorhouse. But then… there are people like Matt. Without Matt, I would never have had a clue of how to go about getting my book published. And I never would have met Matt if I had not taken a spur-of-the-moment, hour and a half drive to Santa Barbara last February with my mom.

Sometimes the decisions we make, the teensy-weensy little decisions, end up making a huge difference in our lives– and even in the lives of others. More and more, I am learning that we need to reach out to life every chance we get. That “reach out to life” last February has to be one of the best decisions of my life!

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